We use science to make life safe, convenient, and fun.

IC Scientific Solutions is a leading manufacturer of military-grade anti-fog lens solutions for consumer and industrial applications. Don’t let foggy lenses distract your fun or inhibit your work.

See clear. Work clear. Play clear. iconic clear.

Lens Care

Our anti-fog solution has achieved the highest EEE rating & protects lenses for up to 120 hours with just one application.

first aid and recovery

First Aid & Recovery

This cutting edge, proprietary formula makes prescription-level instant pain relief available over-the-counter.

Skin Care

Treat yourself to our unique formulations of all-natural organic cosmetics and skin care products to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin.

Contract Manufacturing

Put our production line and efficiency standards to your benefit by letting us handle your manufacturing, bottling, and more.


Repel water, oil, and ice while increasing surface strength by up to 25% with this easy-to-clean, fast-bonding industrial strength coating.

Forward Thinking Solutions To Life’s Biggest Problems

We do more than help you see clearly.

Our research and development team is always looking for new ways to use the wonder of organic chemistry to make daily life better. From every day skincare products to cutting edge first aid technology, iconic clear is committed to a never ending search for forward thinking scientific solutions.

Every new product we develop goes through rigorous testing and review. We don’t just rehash the same old stuff that everyone else is selling. We create truly unique products that transform life in new and innovative ways.

Browse our product lines below to see exactly how we achieve this mission.

All fogged Up?

Iconic Anti-Fog Range

iconic clear lens cleaner is safe and effective for glasses, goggles, scopes, camera lenses, and more.


Science Based

You can shop IC Scientific Solutions knowing that every product we make is completely researched, manufactured, warehoused, and distributed with a scientific based approach and method.

From our scientists to your shelves and homes.

New Products

The organic chemists at iconic clear never stop innovating. We are always searching for unique solutions to age-old problems. Check out some of the most recent products our lab has cooked up to help you live iconic.

Contract Manufacturing

Our learn manufacturing philosophy allows us to meet our customers needs.

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Formulated to effectively protect lenses from all types of fogging caused by cold, high humidity or sudden temperature changes. Safe for all surfaces, including polycarbonate

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