How Dirty are Our Cell Phones

How Dirty are Our Cell Phones

It is said that a cell phone is as dirty as a toilet seat! While we admit that not many people will agree with this statement, but for all intents and purposes, it is worth investigating. Not only are many of us spending hours on smartphones, but if on the off chance that this finding is accurate, we might be putting our health and the health of our kids at risk. 

So is a cell phone dirtier than a toilet seat? We’ll investigate in this article!

How Many Germs Can Your Cell Phone Harbor?

It is essential to consider the fact that, over the years, it has been found that our phones are a breeding ground for all manner of germs. That’s why cell phone cleaning has become so important. The most unsanitary part of all this is that you need to regularly put the phone to your face and mouth. 

Scientists working at the University of Arizona discovered that our phones are 10x times dirtier than the majority of toilet seats. Yet another study found that high schoolers’ cell phones can have up to 17000 bacterial gene copies on them. So that’s something you will want to think of the next time to press the phone on your face. You might also think twice about this before handing the phone to your kid. 

But why is your phone so flirty after all, we are not all employed in the cleaning industry? One of the reasons for this is that your phone is exposed to everything that you touch. It is exposed to whatever is on your hands, your face, the table and everything else. Many health-care experts stress frequent hand washing with soap and water, but how do you prevent a phone from becoming as dirty as a toilet seat? One way to achieve this would be to wash it. But understandably, nobody wants to risk water getting into their precious phones. We also know of people who use hand sanitizer on their phone screens, but many types of hand sanitizers can smudge the phone. We’ll cover the best way to clean your cell phone in the next section.

How Dirty are Our Cell Phones

Health Issues Caused By A Filthy Phone

A filthy cell phone can lead to many health issues. The warm environment on the phone allows for bacteria to thrive, which puts your health at a much greater risk. 

One of the signs that your phone is dirty is acne and blackheads on your face. Many men and women complain of acne; the prime reason is the fact that the bacteria from the phone is causing problems on their faces. We admit that might not be the only reason, but it is certainly worth considering. Each time you press the phone to your face, you’re transferring all those germs onto the most sensitive part of the body, opening up pores. The bacterium enters into the pores, which leads to skin irritation. 

A couple of other health issues you might experience is itchy skin and hives. That’s why it is so important to make sure that you clean the phone as many times as you wash your hands.

We recommend using Instrumentation Cleaner by Iconic Clear. It helps keep the display clean and kills off all the germs on the surface. The cleaner is specifically designed for aviation and marine applications. However, it is just as good if not better when it comes to cleaning monitors, touchscreens, and other types of displays. The Instrumentation Cleaner removes grease, fingerprints, and various other smudges which build up over time. It is easy to use and keep your equipment clean without risking sensitive electronics. 

While you can also purchase phone cleaning kits, these kits aren’t very good at cleaning a wide spectrum of germs. Then you also need to consider that some kits are better than others. Unless you have a microscope handy, it is near impossible to tell if the phone cleaning kit you’re using is doing a good job of cleaning germs. That’s why we recommend a brand and a cleaning solution that has worked for thousands of people and has proven to be effective. After all, we don’t want to take any chances.

How Dirty are Our Cell Phones

You should perform thorough cell phone cleaning at least once a day. Sure, this might seem to be extreme for some people, but if you have a routine of maybe cleaning your phone’s screen first thing in the morning, that should suffice. Also, consider that it takes only a few minutes to clean even the largest phone screen. Considering the benefits associated with it, we’d say that it is time well spent. 

If you can clean the phone’s screen more often, then more power to you. However, many people will find that once a day should suffice and make sure that they don’t put their phones anywhere dirty.

It is unrealistic to ask people to give up their smartphones. In fact, our lives depend on having access to social media, email, text messaging, etc. However, if we keep our phones clean, it is possible to remain healthier, and most of all, it does not take too much time either. 

Keep in mind how many items you’re touching multiple times a day, and as a result, your phone can get pretty gross. While washing your hands throughout the day is essential, but don’t forget that your phone’s screen needs cleaning too. With regular and thorough cleaning using a high-quality product, you never have to worry about your phone being as filthy as a toilet seat.


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