How to Keep Glasses from Fogging With a Mask

How to Keep Glasses from Fogging With a Mask

Thanks to COVID-19, we are all required to wear a mask. And while most people have no problem with it, those with glasses complain of their vision being severely impaired by the build-up of fog. Many people wearing masks can be seen removing their glasses and rubbing them down several times in public places. So, the question is this: is there a way to keep our glasses from fogging with a mask? 

It is essential to understand that people wearing masks and glasses can’t do without either one of them. Also, it is just as important to run errands. The harder you work, it seems, the more often you need to defog your glasses. If anything, it can be frustrating, and many people can be seen just removing their masks to get the job done. 

Fortunately for people who need to wear both a mask and glasses, there are a few things we can do to prevent our glasses from fogging up. In this article, we’ll look at what needs to be done to prevent our glasses from fogging up. 

Why Do Our Glasses Fog Up?

Fortunately, there is only one reason why our glasses will fog up, and understanding that will help prevent the build-up of fog. Each time warm air from your breath hits the cool surface of your glasses, it will condense or form a fog. It is a lot like stepping out of a centrally cooled mall on a hot summer’s day, and your glasses fog up. 

When you’re wearing a mask, the hot, warm air tends to escape upwards, or the top of the mask directly hits your glasses’ lenses, causing it to fog. Now that you understand what’s causing it to fog let’s start looking at ways to prevent it. 

How to Fight the Fog?

Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to keep the lenses of your glasses clear when shopping or maybe just doing chores outside of the home. Below are a few things we suggest you do. 

Get the Fit Right 

One way to avoid that so-called steam roof effect is to ensure that your mask fits securely over the nose. When you wear glasses with a mask that has a nose bridge, it will prevent your breath from exiting upwards onto the glasses. So, you’ll want to invest in one that fits well and instead pushes the air outside from the front or bottom. 

An alternative is to buy masks with a nose bridge or one that’s shaped to fit the face. Some people may also have the time and possibly the motivation to make their own masks so that they fit better, especially if they can’t find a mask that fits well. 

The key is to ensure that the mask you buy and wear fits your face correctly. You can check to make sure that your breath is going in the right direction and then modify the mask accordingly. 


  • People with larger faces or ones that are differently shaped will find this hard to do. 
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Soap and Water Should Do 

Now the next trick we have for you has been around for a while. It is not new, but many people claim to have the rights to it. Fortunately, nobody can sue you for using soap and water. The trick has over the years been used by numerous healthcare professionals who often need to keep a mask on for several hours at a time. All you need here is some soap, water, and a soft cloth. 

Glasses are a major investment, and if you have one of those with a special coating, they are even more expensive. That said, always check with the optician before you use this trick. You wouldn’t want the special coating to wash off. 

The technique requires that you simply wash the lenses of your glasses with soapy water, then shake off the excess liquid. Allow the lenses to air dry, and then wipe them down gently before wearing them again. The method works because soap will leave a think film behind, which is what works as a barrier. 


  • The only downside to the trick is you might need to do it every day. 

Use the Glasses To Seal The Mask From the Top 

Another trick which we’ve used to a great degree of success is to pull the mask up to higher than your nose, then wear your glasses on it. The glasses will cover the material on your noise and will ensure that it does not slide off. The secure fit prevents the warm air from getting through the top of the mask and fogging your glasses. 


  • The glasses don’t make a good seal, and it’s highly uncomfortable. 

Use Some Tape 

We always tell people when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with some tape. Thankfully the tape method is one of the best we have for anyone looking for the so-called set and forget approach to avoiding fogged glasses. You can use both sports and medical tape to secure the mask down on the bridge of your nose. However, we wouldn’t advise that you use duct tape or that which isn’t meant for the skin. If you have somewhat sensitive skin like we do, then test the tape on your skin before using it to ensure that it does not irritate your face. Also, you can use tape that’s made for sensitive skin. 


  • Tape on your face does not look good!
  • Some people find tape to be uncomfortable. 

Use the Iconic Clear Anti-fog Towelettes

The Iconic Clear Anti-fog Towelettes are formulated to protect lenses from all types of fogging caused by the cold, change in temperature or humidity. It can safely be used on glasses, either with polycarbonate lenses or glass. However, it is best used with coated lenses. The product is silicone, alcohol and film-free. A single application can ensure you don’t have to deal with fogged glasses for the whole day or longer. Check out the iconic clear anti-fog solutions.


We know that for some people, all of the methods above may not work. After all, we are all different, and it’s impossible to help without knowing your unique circumstance. Furthermore, you can always try wipes and sprays meant to prevent glasses from getting fogged up. The only thing you need to be mindful of is that the ingredients or the chemicals of those mixtures don’t remove the protective coating from the lenses. Also, read all the product’s reviews before deciding to buy it. After all, you don’t want to end up with a product that does not work for you.


IC Scientific Solutions is a leading manufacturer of military-grade anti-fog lens solutions for consumer and industrial applications. Don’t let foggy lenses distract your fun or inhibit your work.

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