Iconic Clear Anti-Fog Towelettes Premium Works to -15 Degrees C


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Formulated to effectively protect lenses from all types of fogging caused by cold, high humidity or sudden temperature changes. Safe for all surfaces, including polycarbonate and glass. Best when used with coated lenses. Streak and film free, alcohol and silicone free. Non-flammable and non-toxic.

Iconic Clear Anti-Fog Towelettes Premium Works to -15 Degrees C

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Protect your lenses from fog in 10 seconds with these convenient, on-the-go iconic clear anti-fog towelettes.

Whether you are working in the field or skiing the slopes, foggy lenses, goggles, and face shields can range from annoying to downright dangerous. Take our iconic clear anti-fog towelettes along wherever life takes you to keep yourself fog free in a matter of seconds.

Convenient Application

Our organic chemists designed these towelettes to offer an easy way to apply our iconic clear anti-fog solution without a lot of fuss or mess. No need to spray anything or bring along your own cloth. Just tear open the packaging and you are ready to go. A single towelette can even be used multiple times for up to a week.

Long Lasting And VersatileAnti-Fog Towelettes

Field tests have shown a single towelette will protect a surface for up to 7 days with intermittent application from fog caused by cold, high humidity, and sudden temperature changes. 

The specially formulated compound coats your surface in a streak free microlayer of active ingredients to offer long lasting protection on optical equipment, including coated or uncoated lenses, goggles, shields, eyeglasses, sunglasses, work glasses, and more.

Safe For You, Your Lenses, And The Environment

iconic clear anti-fog towelettes are safe to use on any surface. They are non-flammable, non-toxic, completely biodegradable, and free of alcohol and silicone. 

Furthermore, because they offer a temporary layer of protection, they will not cause any permanent damage or change to the applied surface. You can use iconic clear with the peace of mind that it won’t damage expensive AR or other coatings.

Crafted To The Highest Standards

Internal tests based on military standard MIL-STD-810 found that iconic clear beats out the leading competitors. We put 20 different anti-fog products to the test under the worst conditions: greater than 85℃ and 80% relative humidity. iconic clear came out on top, outperforming all the rest.